Executive Board
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NEANN is led by an Executive Committee, elected by the General Membership. The term of office for any Executive Committee Member is 2 years. There may be no fewer than 3 and no more than 9 elected officers.

The Executive Committee manages the activities, property and affairs of the Association. This committee also appropriates funds, within the limitations of the Certificate of Incorporation, the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and the laws of the State of Connecticut.

NEANN has a contracted partnership with an association management firm called Association Resources, Inc. This firm provides the basic structure for the organization through administrative, financial, legal and technical support.

The Executive Committee is required to attend 75% of all meetings, either virtually or physically. These meetings are held in the offices of Association Resources in West Hartford, CT.



Deanna Hill, RN
President, 2014-Present





Vice President, 2018 - Present


Cassidy Norton 
Treasurer, 2019-Present


Crystal Torraco, RN
Secretary, 2018-Present


Nancy Weston-Hill, RN
Member-At-Large, 2015-Present





 Courtney Lopiano RN
Member-At-Large, 2019-Present

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P:860.586.7518 | F:413.717.7777

Email: info@neann.org
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