2017-2018 Organizational Goals
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The NEANN Board and Committee Leaders meet annually to identify goals that target growth and a commitment to the Mission of the organization.

The S-M-A-R-T acronym is used when defining these goals. 

NEANN 2017 Goals

President/ Vice President

  1. Create a Procedure Manual outline by June 2017
  2. Create a process for succession planning by December 2017
  3. Create a Board and Committee Member Evaluation Tool by December 2017
  4. Develop a plan and timeline for educating the membership of the mission and vision of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN)
  5. Organize a vote at the annual meeting in March, 2018 to vote on becoming a chapter of NANN
  6. Create an educational needs assessment for Board Members and Committee Leaders by June 2017
  7. Provide 1 leadership educational opportunity for NEANN leaders by December, 2017


  1. Create a plan for educating the membership on the use of the website by June 2017
  2. Become a website super-user by June 2017
  3. Review Electronic communication plans at every meeting 


  1. Complete transition of financial spreadsheets into Quick Books
  2. Add annual budget information into the financial spreadsheet, inclusive of a heat map to simply and very visually identify areas of profit and areas of caution for spending
Program Committee 
  1. Follow a structured program timeline
  2. Contract the March 2019 annual conference by April 1st, 2018
  3. Identify process for communication of Programming to both the Program Committee and Executive Board, inclusive of identifying a designee to organize this responsibility
  4. Increase attendance at March 2018 conference by 50% (compared with March 2017 conference)
  5. Increase data base contacts for distribution of program materials by 10% in Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17)
  6. Collaborate with Membership Committee to sponsor complimentary program in FY17 to be hosted in a New England hospital with the goal of 10 new members generated from this event 

Membership Committee

  1. Increase membership to 140 members representing all New England states by March 2018
  2. Membership Committee will attend a minimum of 4 conferences in New England to promote the organization and grow the membership
  3. Recruit Hospital Liaisons from 2 new hospitals in FY17
  4. Increase membership in the organization from Boston hospitals by 10 members

Communications Committee

  1. Update website content at every NEANN Board and Committee meeting beginning in June 2017
  2. Decrease website tabs to 5, to provide easy navigation by June 2017
  3. Develop an automated schedule for communication to occur every month
  4. Obtain site statistics in May and November
  5. Update content and administrative oversight of Social Media (Facebook and Linked In) by September 2017

Nominations Committee 

Develop nominations slate electronically and host the election in March 2018

Rewards and Recognition Committee 

  1. Identify a sponsor to aide in the financial support of NEANN rewards and recognition by February 2018
  2. Develop website content to run the Nurse of the Year Award by November 2018


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