Affiliation with NANN

In 2019, the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) voted unanimously to accept the chapter application of the New England Association of Neonatal Nurses (NEANN).

NEANN does not run an independent membership drive. All memberships, for both organizations, are operated at the national level, through NANN. This means you gain double the benefit, reaping the rewards of professional growth and development at the local and national level!

How do I join?

NEANN members, new to NANN

1. Go to the NANN membership page
2. Become a member of NANN
3. Select New England as your local chapter (orange button)

NANN members, new to NEANN

1. Go the NANN website
2. Sign in with your NANN user ID and password
3. Select the tab titled “Membership” at the top of the page
4. Select “Chapters” from the drop down menu
5. Select the orange button in the center of the page titled “Add Chapter Membership”
6. Select the New England Area Chapter
7. Join!

See the NANN website for further information on group membership discounts for new NANN Members, multi-year NANN Membership and Auto-renewal, if desired.

For any further registration questions, please call NANN’s Member Services at (800) 451-3795 or e-mail Molly Anderson at