Executive Board & Committees

We Lead By Example.

NEANN is led by an Executive Committee, elected by the General Membership. The term of office for any Executive Committee Member is two years. There may be no fewer than three and no more than nine elected officers.

The Executive Committee manages the activities, property and affairs of the association, in accordance with standards set by the National Association of Neonatal Nurses.

NEANN has a contracted partnership with Audience Development Strategies, an association management company. This firm provides the basic structure for the organization through administrative, financial, legal and technical support.

The Executive Committee is required to attend 75% of all meetings, either virtually or physically. The Executive Committee meeting schedule is posted in our Event Calendar.

NEANN Committees

NEANN Committees are a vibrant, energetic collaborative of engaged NEANN members who focus on key areas to keep the organization moving forward and providing opportunities and value for members, vendors and sponsors.  Current Committees include:

Membership Committee
The NEANN Membership Committee seeks out neonatal nurses in the New England area who would benefit by joining the organization.  The Committee represents NEANN at professional events and reaches out to prospective members.  Committee members also seek to grow NEANN’s member benefits and enhance the membership experience.

Outreach Committee
NEANN’s Outreach Committee is tasked with seeking out opportunities for NEANN members to give back to their communities through volunteering, group projects and fundraising.  By engaging in these activities together, NEANN will become stronger and more deeply rooted in the neonatal care community in New England.

Program Committee
The NEANN Program Committee’s goal is to provide top-notch content for the group’s events such as the NEANN Annual Conference, webinars and meetings.  Committee members seek out interesting, relevant, experienced professionals to provide educational, timely and informative content that brings value to NEANN members and event attendees.

Awards & Recognition Committee
Our Awards & Recognition Committee helps guide NEANN programs that celebrate the accomplishments of our members at the Annual Conference and through special features on our website and in email communications.  The group also manages scholarship applications.

Research Committee
NEANN’s Research Committee is focused on engaging members in research through the dissemination of chapter research through periodic communications and at the NEANN Annual Conference and is tasked with providing research-focused education and opportunities for NEANN members and students.  The Committee also facilitates NEANN poster sessions at events.

Get Involved!
As nurses ourselves, we understand the time constraints that you face and we all strive to balance work, family and giving back.  NEANN has opportunities to get involved at all levels.  Don’t be shy!  Reach out to us and let us know what you are passionate about and we will find the perfect fit for you.  Call 860.586.7518 or email info@neann.org today!

Executive Board & Committees
Deanna Hill, RN
President, 2014-Present
Executive Board & Committees
Rebecca O'Brien, RN
Treasurer, 2020-Present
Executive Board & Committees
Courtney Lopiano, RN
Secretary, 2020-Present
Executive Board & Committees
Kristen Ehrhardt, RN
Chairperson, Awards & Recognition Committee
Executive Board & Committees
Melissa Pelletier, RN
Chairperson, Outreach Committee; Chairperson, Membership Committee
Executive Board & Committees
Megan Flynn, RN
Member-At-Large, 2022-Present
Executive Board & Committees
Jen Orbeso, RN
Member-at-Large, 2022-Present