Leadership Collaborative

About the NEANN Leadership Collaborative

The Leadership Collaborative brings together formal and informal neonatal nurse leaders in partnership; to impact nursing care throughout New England.

Primary Goals

  • Connect, build relationships, and share ideas
  • Engage in meaningful work
  • Grow to understand the diverse perspectives, successes and challenges of each unique NICU environment
  • Provide mentorship opportunities for new leaders
  • Provide guidance & education on leadership topics


  • Held virtually throughout the year
  • Annual Summit hosted as part of the annual conference
  • Includes a leader presentation, featuring a New England NICU

Meeting Topics 

  • Creating an engaged workforce
  • Managing change
  • Innovations in team communication
  • Strategies in retention
  • Managing negative behaviors with positive solutions
  • Value based healthcare

Project 2020 – Joy in Work QI Initiative

2020 Virtual Meetings

If you desire to participate in the Leadership Collaborative, please contact NEANN President Deanna Hill at president@neann.org.



Dr. Peggy Settle, RN

Mass General NICU Director


Deanna Hill, RN

Clinical Education Specialist, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center NICU
President, NEANN